Kindred Video Documentaries

Kindred is a quick, affordable, and visual way to document and preserve meaningful memories.

At Kindred, we create video documentaries from interviews with you, your family members, or friends. Allow Kindred experienced interviewers to guide the process and help each person tell their stories.

Our professional video production team edits the interviews, adds select photos, and overlays music to produce truly unique and personal keepsake videos.

Recording and preserving the stories of your family helps to connect generations. Also, a video documentary of a loved one will not only be cherished today but for years to come.

Let’s create a video documentary together.

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Looking for Examples of Kindred Videos?

Why Kindred? The Chance to Tell Your Life Story is a Gift

Leave a Legacy - BBC

"The stories we tell about ourselves sustain us through time" - BBC

Find Mental Peace and Hopefulness - Psychology Today

"Those who share their stories find a sense of peace and hopefulness" - Psychology Today.

Enhanced Sense of Life Purpose - The Atlantic

"A narrative can shape who you are" - The Atlantic.

Deepen Connections with Family & Friends - Michelle Obama

"When we share our stories, we are reminded of the humanity in each other" - Michelle Obama.

  • A "unique & personal gift that preserves memories."

    Kindred on TV 
  • "The interview was awesome. Now we get to gift this digital keepsake to our kids to truly convey how special this part of our life has been."

  • "Believe it or not, your children and grandchildren want to hear your life stories."

    Senior Affair 
  • "I've never been asked some of those questions before. Thank you for this experience."

    All Things Mommie 
Kindred on Fox News

Kindred Featured on Fox News

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What Kindred Customers are Saying

  • "Having the chance to star in my own documentary was the best gift. I never would have thought to ask for it."

  • "That interview pulled out lovely memories I hadn't explored in many years. Some I'd never told. I'm so grateful for the experience."

  • "I'm so delighted that my family and friends will have this video to remember me by. What a legacy."

  • Cliff, 61

    “We just watched Stephanie’s documentary and It’s spot on. Kindred really captured the true Stephanie. The presentation and editing were both excellent. There are several life lessons in these documentaries. Keep up the good work.”

  • John, 56

    "I can't wait to share this video with her husband and daughter. For their family to hear how much Susan's friendship meant to my mother is priceless. They were truly lifelong best friends."

  • Janet, 84

    "I was a quite nervous at first, but the interviewer made sure I was comfortable. Telling my life stories ended up being an incredible experience. I can't thank my daughter enough for the gift."

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