Welkin Handcrafted Urns: A Beautiful, Discreet Way To Be Remembered

Welkin's Urn as a Centerpiece

It wasn’t until Kate Anderson, founder of modern urn company Welkin, lost her father unexpectedly, and at a young age, that she realized how difficult it was to plan a celebration of life for your loved one. 

Instead of the solace you would hope for when planning a memorial, she found herself in a world full of upselling, being nickel & dimed and worst of all, pressure into choosing outdated options. There is a laundry list of to-dos with a too-short timeline and the one task you think would be simple, straightforward, and an easy box to check is one of the most difficult –  choosing an urn for your loved one

There are many questions to answer. 

  • Where is the final resting place going to be? Are you going to bury the urn or display the urn in a home? 
  • What size urn is needed? Are you going to spread a portion of the remains? Divide them up amongst family members or close friends? Or keep them all in one place? 
  • If you decide to display the urn in your home, how do you find one that you feel memorializes your loved one while also fitting into your aesthetic? How do you find something that functions as an urn but is also discreet about what it contains? 


Fast forward to today, Kate founded Welkin to offer decorative and discreet urns to make this part of the process a little easier on others. After years of searching for an urn that she felt memorialized her father well but also blended in with her home, she decided to design her own. 




Welkin’s urns are designed with kin in mind. They include a built-in vase for displaying floral arrangements to personalize the keepsake in a modern aesthetic to make them something you want to keep on display. Knowing that one size does not fit all, Welkin’s urns are currently offered in two sizes, Petit (holds up to 75 lbs prior to cremation) and Midd (holds up to 175 lbs prior to cremation). It is common to spread most (but maybe not all) of the remains in a sacred place or divide up the remains amongst family or close friends so Welkin has designed their urn sizes based on today’s modern wishes. 



Through their customer-centric purchasing experience, unlimited warranty, flexible return policy and fast delivery, Welkin hopes to provide a little peace of mind during these already tough times. They have also curated a guide of how-tos to help navigate life after death. Their “Good Mourning” blog helps answer questions ranging from planning a celebration of life, what to gift someone who is grieving, or how to personalize your service to ensure you have all the answers you need following the loss of your loved one. 

Need help selecting an urn? Welkin is here to help at  hello@welkinmemorials.com and if you’re ready to purchase, use code KINDRED10 at checkout for 10% off.

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