Preserving Moments & Memories Through End-of-Life Planning

Preserving Moments & Memories Through End-of-Life Planning

What if you could live a better life by preparing for the end of it? We ask this question frequently at ELDR and it is a topic we love to elaborate on. Why? Because preparing for the future and your end of life allows you the opportunity to remove those to-dos from your brain and know that your wishes and important moments have been documented and shared. The relief of having your plan completed allows you to fill that time and mental bandwidth with the moments and people that are most important, which really is what life is all about.

At ELDR we believe in comprehensive end-of-life planning, which means that we implore our clients to focus on all facets of planning - not only the traditional planning processes like estate planning, wills and Power of Attorney. Comprehensive end-of-life planning looks like having conversations with loved ones about your final wishes and thinking through your past experiences with and philosophies on end of life and discussing with your ELDR how those thoughts impact your decisions. 

Comprehensive end-of-life planning also includes a thorough review of body disposition options so that you’re making the decision that’s available to you and most aligned with your values. And comprehensive end-of-life planning also looks at what you want to leave your loved ones. Assets, yes, but also heirlooms and legacy projects - items that speak to who you are and remind your friends and family of you or special moments they shared with you. 

That is why we value companies like Kindred and support their mission of creating lasting keepsakes through personalized documentaries. After years of taking photos, hearing stories, and celebrating moments and milestones with a loved one, why not have that preserved into a video that can be kept, shared with family, and watched whenever you need a reminder of the beauty of your loved one?

Comprehensive end-of-life planning will include a number of important details and to-dos. We encourage you to make those details as thoughtful as possible and to spend some time thinking about what you are leaving behind, physically and emotionally. Whether it’s a beautiful and one-of-a-kind documentary from Kindred or a thoughtful and comprehensive end-of-life plan from ELDR, these gifts let your loved ones know that you care for them, now and after you are gone.
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