Capturing a Mother’s Legacy - Interesting, Meaningful, and Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Your Mother Today

Capturing a Mother’s Legacy - Interesting, Meaningful, and Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Your Mother Today

Some of you may be thinking, I AM my mother’s legacy. You’re looking at the legacy right here! Why do we need a family legacy video of my Mom? Unfortunately, you only get partial credit. There’s much more to a mother’s legacy than just their children. So alongside questions about her children, what else should you ask your mom about her life?

A mother’s legacy extends far beyond just the children she brought into the world. When growing up it probably took a few of us far too long to realize that our mothers are normal people too, not just our heroes. Mothers are some of the most impressive, life changing, and accomplished members of our society. Therefore, of all types of people that deserve their legacies captured, mothers are right there at the top of the list. At Kindred, we create legacy videos to capture the most meaningful stories and memories of a person’s life. They serve as sentimental gifts for family members that you’ll love now and appreciate later. If you’re considering capturing your mother’s legacy, our videos are quick, affordable, and professional.

Now, as you’re thinking about how to capture your mother’s legacy, we’ve compiled a list of interesting, thought provoking, and inspiring questions to ask your mother when interviewing her. They’d make priceless topics for a legacy video featuring your mother!

  1. Motherly takeaways
    1. Mothers teach their children many things. But what we forget is that children have the ability to teach us so many things as well. What are some of those takeaways for her?
    2. What are some of the greatest motherhood memories she can’t help but smile thinking about? This will add some happy moments to your legacy video.
  2. Accomplishing and mothering
    1. Many mothers are out there changing the world and raising children. If your mother worked while mothering, ask her how she balanced those two aspects of life and what she was able to accomplish in both.
    2. While working and raising children, what habits did you form for yourself that were absolutely necessary? Which of these would you recommend to others?
    3. If she didn’t work, ask how her mindset shifted from being in the workforce to focusing on her children. How did she process that? Did she have any mentors that helped support her during that transition?
  3. The motherly “what was I thinking!?” moments
    1. Discuss the trials and tribulations of each phase of her childrens’ lives. We were all little demons at some point in our lives. Discuss infancy through those incredible teenage years. Make it all the way to her relationship with her children right now and what those relationships mean to her.
    2. This is a big if. But while she was busy carting her children to school, dance, and soccer and wondering if she’d ever have another minute to herself… ask your mother if she ever carved out time for herself. If she did, what did she like to do or focus on?
  4. “My kids are all 18+” mom life
    1. Once children start to move out of the house, it’s another transition period for mothers. With the immense amount of free time gained back into her life, ask her what she decided to prioritize in her life again that she wasn’t able to for a while. How did her identity morph? This can add a lot of heartfelt character to her legacy video.
  5. The mental & physical challenges of being a mother
    1. What was her mindset during the different phases of pregnancy? Many mothers keep pregnancy journals or write blogs because there are so many thoughts to capture during this period of time. Ask her about them!
    2. How did her relationship with her significant other evolve throughout the process of pregnancy and raising children? Where were they when they started and how do they feel now?
  6. Her motherly network
    1. Her relationship with her mother and what impact that had on the mother she wanted to be to her children. These are really heartfelt moments for your legacy video.
    2. What support network she had while raising children and what that meant to her.

If you’re looking for more inspiration beyond those topics; we’ve gathered some additional resources to help inspire your legacy video interview with your mom!

Now that you know what to ask her, don’t forget to buy your mother a legacy video from Kindred today!
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