Capture “The Story of Us” - 10 Meaningful, Thought Provoking Questions To Answer As A Couple

Capture “The Story of Us” - 10 Meaningful, Thought Provoking Questions To Answer As A Couple

Chocolates, roses, doing the laundry without complaining are all great Valentine’s Day gifts. Our only problem with them is that they’re here one day and gone the next! Don’t we all want a Valentine’s Day gift that’s going to last?

You’ve probably heard the question: “How did you all meet?” at least 50 times by now. When you’re in love, you answer that question each and every time with a passionate and heartfelt story. Don’t you wish there was a way to bottle up that passionate story to cherish forever? Imagine being able to open up a recording of “The Story of Us” 20 anniversaries from now and reminisce on how you felt, looked, and talked. “The Story of Us” will evolve over time and it’s priceless to have a way to track that storyline throughout your life.

The Kindred Valentine’s Day Couples Experience provides just that: a snapshot in time of you two answering questions about your love as a couple. How you met. Why you love each other. What works about you two. What you appreciate about each other. These are all things we should tell each other more often, but we typically don’t do it as much as we would like to. Take the change this Valentine’s Day to look each other in the eyes and connect like the very first time you kissed.

To help facilitate that conversation, the Kindred interview team is here to help guide you through a Valentine’s Day experience you will not soon forget, and you will have a record of to cherish forever. Here are some examples of questions (and follow up questions) you can expect in a Kindred interview.

  1. What’s something you love about each other now that you didn’t even think of when you first started dating?
  2. If money didn’t matter and you had to work together as a couple, what would you do for a living?
  3. What’s your favorite story to tell about each other when you’re not together?
  4. How do you make each other feel cared for the most?
  5. What’s a dream of yours that you hope to accomplish as a couple? What does that dream mean to you?
  6. In what ways do you feel like you’re most alike? In what ways do you feel you compliment each other the best?
  7. What do you feel are your partner’s relationship strengths?
  8. What celebrity do you feel your partner reminds you the most of?
  9. If you were to watch this in 20 years, what would you hope for yourselves as a couple? What would you say to yourselves?
  10. What’s your definition of love? How do you feel you embody it as a couple?

If you’re looking for more inspiration beyond those topics; we’ve gathered some additional resources to help inspire what to answer when telling your story:

Now that you know what to ask, you should try the Kindred Valentine’s Day Experience this year!

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